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Text Box: ‘Bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Nation


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A wonderful time of blessing in the East of Uganda and even a return to Kampala on the Sunday to minister in Pastor Moses’ church.

These are photos of the two churches in Kamuli, one before reaching the town and the other beyond the town where .

Pastor Patrick has started a new church in an areas with mosques but no church.

Already we hear that the numbers at Sunday meetings have almost doubled. We also had a blessed time with the Christian. Students ta the Nursing and Midwifery School in Jinja .

Lots of pastors attended the meeting in Tororo district and were encouraged. Good to see some brothers who I have not seen for some time.

The meeting in Magale was wonderful and there are testimonies of miracles already from there. One lady was delivered instantly from demonic possession with awful manifestations and all the community have been amazed at God has delivered her as her problems were well known to many. Here too God has answered prayers for school fees with people, after prayer, being given  money from sources they never expected. We spent a whole day at  Mount Zion Christian College in Buyaga ministering to the children but also to the staff encouraging them in their work.

The next day we visited a prison near Sironko and there at least 8 young prisoners received the Lord Jesus and later a huge response that the Bright Primary and Nursery school on the road between Sironko and Nabbongo.

Thanks to Fred Ojiambo  Edward Sepuya, Joseph Kunikina  and the governor of the prison for making the arrangements and all their love and support. Fred’s youngest child has been ill before we left for Tororo and was prayed for and Fred’s wife Rosette rang before we reached Tororo to say the baby had  been healed . Praise the Lord


Black and White Casqued Hornbill at Sunrise Inn in Mbale